Khaya Dlanga is a Senior Communications Manager at Coca-Cola. How he got there is an extraordinary and inspiring story set out in “To Quote Myself”.

Khaya grew up in rural Transkei herding his grandfather’s cattle and hanging out at school with his cousins and the village children. He made clay oxen, bunked school and had started smoking weed at the tender age of nine when his mother decided to send him to a Catholic boarding school and from there to the best schools she could find in East London.

After school, Khaya managed to hustle himself into advertising college but here the story darkens as he tells of being financially strapped – no money for food, no accommodation and no materials for his projects.

This is a must-read story about a young man who faced immense hardship but who through hard work, talent and tenacity and a little bit of luck, made his dream come true.

Please join The Book Revue as we host Khaya at Glenshiel. He will be interviewed by bright young thing Emma Sadleir, media lawyer and co-author of “Don’t film yourself having Sex”.

Date: 1 April 2015
Venue: 19 Woolston Road, Westcliff