If you know how to make a soufflé but you are a bit iffy about making the perfect bolognaise/ soffritto/ crispy roast potato then you need to sharpen up and you need to cook. better

This is the book that teaches you all that your mum or nonna should have – it’s the Mrs.Beeton for our time. Yes, Nigella may be sexier than Mrs.B but does she ever teach you the art of braising onions, the balance of onion, celery, carrot mix in the perfect soffritto and even how to make popcorn without scorching the pan?

cook. better is a wonderful guide – quite bossy but clear and honest. If you thought that baking was a science but cooking was just a matter of chucking ingredients into a pot, this puts you on the straight and narrow path to fabulous food.

Nikki Werner and Brandon de Kock are passionate and fun foodies and they want to teach you to do it right.

They will demonstrate some techniques and teach and chat about the cook. better way and then we will taste their delicious food.

Wine is being sponsored by Perdeberg and you will have a chance to taste their Chenin Blanc and other wines.

Date: 21 July 2015
Venue: Miele Kitchen, 63 Peter Place, Bryanston