Paige is the author of 3 books: A million miles from normal, This Way Up and Death by Carbs. She is a Sunday Times columnist, an award winning copywriter, and she is also one-third of Helena S. Paige, a threesome of authors whose series of choose-your-own-adventure erotic novels has sold in twenty-one countries.

Dutch Courage is a comedy which looks at the lives of career strippers in Amsterdam. The heroine Grace takes her sister’s place as a Rihanna impersonator at a strip club in Amsterdam’s red light district. She shares an apartment with an exotic troupe of impersonating divas with Lady Gaga – sized egos.

Hilarious and smart with heart, Dutch Courage is Paige Nick’s new com­edy about what’s left once your clothes come off.

She is a great writer and speaker and we would love you to meet her for a morning filled with laughs and insights into a very different world.

Date: Thursday, 20 MAY 2016 10AM
Venue:  MUNCH, PARKTOWN, 167 Jan Smuts Ave, Cnr Bolton Ave

Paige Nick, Dutch Courage Book Revue