What do you know about the Cape Flats? Gangs, drugs and violence might be the answer. In Rehana Rossouw’s beautifully written debut novel, you meet the people who live there.

Spanning 10 years, the book tracks the Fourie family who live in Hanover Park, the heart of the Cape Flats. It begins in 1986 and the police are in the townships. The Fouries are trying to raise their children to be decent, to go to school and to rise out of the cycle of poverty.

Beautiful Suzette will do anything to escape; Nicky is ambitious and wants to use her intellect as a way out; Anthony the only son bored by the confines of his religious mother and his cautious but loving father, is attracted to the power and wealth of the local gangster.

WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY? is a ruthlessly honest exploration of ‘Coloured’ identity and written in the Cape slang, the book hums with life.

Genre: South African